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Ultra Thin Battery Case for Iphone 6 /6s /7 / 6 Plus /6s Plus /7 Plus

Ultra Thin Battery Case for Iphone 6 /6s /7 / 6 Plus /6s Plus /7 Plus

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Special Design For iPhone6/6s Power Pack:Thickness 11mm Length 142mm Weight 70g
Charging control and power instructions 1.How to Charge 1)Press on "+" key
for 3seconds to charge mobile phone. Then press this button for 3 seconds to stop charging.

If the mobile phone is fully charged or the product is of power,it will stop charging
automatically. . 2)When connected with the power supply, the device will be charged when
iPhone battery is fully charged Power pack will stop charging automatically when being fully charged.

2.Functions of key "+" Status Functions Long press for 1 second
Check the power status Long press
for 3 seconds Start or stop charging Long press for 5 seconds Access
to upgrading mode (Connect to computer)

3.Status of key "+" LED light flash status Capacity Status Green light flash 3times 1%-33%
Green light flash 2times 34%-66% Green light flash 1time 67% 99%
Green light always on 100% Red light keeps flashing <1% Green and red light on
Upgrading mode Remarks the power status of power pack. .When using the power pack
to charge iPhone, the LED indicator will only keep working for 30 seconds

(The iPhone will indicates the charging status)

2)When checking the battery capacity status,the LED light will keep working for 30 seconds.

3)Upgrading website:gotop- gnrf Only data connected with computer will upgrading mode be available.

Upgrading software only supports windows system.

4)If you software into upgrading mode inadvertently,it will not upgrade and will jump out

upgrading mode automatically.